Por El Espejo Locrio (Through The Locrian Mirror)
(1999) 15’
4 perc, flamenco guitar, bass guitar, 2 flamenco dancers

written for: Percussive Rotterdam
first performance: by the composer, Bart van Uden and percussion students of the Rotterdam Conservatory, WMDC Rotterdam, june 2006
performed since: in Amsterdam, june 2007

Commissioned by Percussive Rotterdam.

Although written in 1999, this piece was only performed in 2007 when graduating flamenco guitar student Bart van Uden and the percussion department of Codarts picked it up. At the time, it was little more than an embellished flamenco guitar accompaniment for dance. Last year, we only played the first part, and that without the dance. The piece is still waiting to be performed fully, but I had forgotten all about it in the 8 years till it was played, and the performances were rather enjoyable. We didn't get to record it yet (don't ask...), but there is hope.

FMM espejopre