Limbo Lounge
(2007) 10’
6 trombones (2A, 2T, B, CB)

written for: New Trombone Collective, Rotterdam
first performance: Gergiev Festival, Rotterdam, september 2008

Commissioned by the Fonds Scheppende Toonkunst.

This is a bit of a showoff piece of what trombones can do, traveling from fragile chamber music to triphoppy beats to flamenco to techno with a balkan edge. Brass was completely alien to me when I started composing, but thanks to guys like the NTC and the Volharding, I write for brass with great pleasure now.

The title means basically "Hell ain't a bad place to be", and the initial creepiness soon transforms to some kind of infernal party mood.

listen: Limbo Lounge clip

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