The Key and the Gate
(2004) 20’
electric string quartet, amplified saxophone quartet, live electronics, CD

written for: Mondriaan string quartet and Bl!ndman sax quartet
first performance: November music, Den Bosch, 18.11.2004
performed since: Brussels, Gent, Genk (Belgium) and Amsterdam, nov.-dec.2004

Commissioned by November Music and the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst

The image behind this piece is that of a gigantic key floating through space, which on an abstract level is also the gate it opens.
Although on request by the string quartet, the use of electric instruments stays a difficult matter most string players are uncomfortable with, and the sound could do with some research. One other thing I learned here: do not use scordatura for strings...

listen: Key&Gate clip

FMM keyandgate pre