(2002) 15’
harpsichord, CD, live-electronics

written for: Anne Faulborn
first performance: by Anne Faulborn, De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, nov. 2002
performed since: in the Netherlands, Belgium and Zwitserland by Anne Faulborn

This piece is a stroll through an imaginary Hieronimus Bosch-like landscape. The eerie desolation of the beginning, permeated with echos of ghost’s voices, mounts in an absurd parade, a grotesque dream procession, and an epilogue where the electronics become a hushed, excited whisper of unseen spectators.
Extended and unusual techniques have been imployed both acoustically and electronically to provide a solo piece that sounds like an ensemble.

listen: Groteske Clip!

FMM groteske1
FMM Groteske2
FMM groteske3