(2002) 8’
classical guitar, delay pedal

written for: Diangelo Cicilia
first performance: Diangelo Cicilia, Utrecht, 2002
performed since: in the Netherlands by Diangelo Cicilia

Commissioned by the Rotterdam Arts Council

Released on CD by Cybele Records (SACD, along with "Crystal Vermin")

"Cicilia offers a daunting yet ultimately engaging range of textures, in which the rumbling ostinato at the start of Florian Magnus Maier's splendidly titled Crystal Vermin (for amplified classical guitar) proves particularly memorable. Maier also leaves a favourable impression in the Toccata (for amplified classical guitar with delay). the use of electronics against a relatively conventional musical backdrop emerging as a refreshingly listener friendly combination."

- Classical Guitar Magazine, 4 / 2006

"The last of the new "Dutch" music (the Dutch part is mainly by association with the Netherlands rather than birth) is from Maier - his Toccata for amplified guitar and stereo delay. As mentioned in the customarily detailed notes, the delay is set so that there is a delay of one second (heard in the left-rear) followed by a further delay (right-rear) of the main guitar's music (in front, which again gives the multi-channel mix a compelling advantage over the stereo "rival"). Unlike Goodman's concept - this pays off marvellously and is an enjoyable listen."

-, July 24, 2006

"In Toccata, digital delay helps create a rich, almost orchestral canvas of rhythmic interaction and harmonic collusions. Both of Maier's pieces bustle with invention and refuse to sit still."

-, October 3rd, 2006

Another guitar solo piece that strives to sound like an ensemble piece. The delay is set fixedly at 1 second, with one slapback left and one right.
The piece has 5 movements in 5 different tempi, related to the delay time. The played part thus has a polyrhythmic counterpoint with itself throughout the piece; in between the movements, the player is free to improvise percussion-like textures.

listen: Toccata clip

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