Hanneman’s Apoplex
(2000) 2’
fl ob trpt perc hrp pno vln va vc db

- radio tune for the Concertzender (NL)

written for: the Doelen Ensemble, Rotterdam
recorded on CD: by the Doelen Ensemble
première: by the Doelen Ensemble in Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, december 2005

This piece was commissioned and recorded by the Dutch radio station “De Concertzender” as a radio jingle “in the style of the early 20th century”, and it served its purpose on the air for many years. Since I personally like to think that the origins of rock music and its (musical) esthetics are found in Stravinsky and Bartok much earlier than in Elvis Presley and the Mississippi blues, I couldn’t help but lay the link of the given style to Jeff Hanneman’s “Raining Blood”. Since "Live Undead" came out, Slayer have been a continuing source of inspiration, even in decidedly non-metal times, and it has annoyed me forever that you never hear this mastodonic band on the air. So I grabbed my chance to get the theme of that great song on the air (and later live into the venerable hall of the Concertgebouw - something I'm particularly proud of!), since I knew this piece would have to be broadcast at least once in full...
Why “Apoplex”? Well, this is a heartfelt tribute, but I’m not sure the master would like this piece very much.

listen: 01 Hanneman's Apoplex

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